I put my first web site online in 1993. Not only was it one of the earliest web sites in Philadelphia, but the first radio station site on the web.

A lot of John DeBella's have appeared on this site since then. In the early days, the site was light years ahead when it came to original content, postings and written material. To the point where people would send us stuff that originated on this site asking "Have you seen this?"

So much has changed since 1993 and this site's "weekly" updates have become too slow for the modern world. It had always been fun searching for the link that others hadn't found yet, but those grow fewer by the day. So this is goodbye to those times. The site will remain accessible for those who might be looking for some old link from the past, but no new updates will be posted.

Maybe someday in the future it will be resurrected again, but until that time thanks for the visits.