"Someday I hope to become the type
of person
my dogs think I am."


A Puppy Is Not Just For Christmas
A Puppy Is For Life

                    Purchasing a dog is something that should never be taken lightly. The dog you are considering today is going to be with you for 8 - 15 years. No matter how badly you may want to own a dog the question that must be answered first is... is your lifestyle or your family's lifestyle going to be good for the dog? A dog is not an accessory of life, it has a life of it's own and deserves a life as good as yours. Keep the following in mind:

Totally research any breed you may be considering.
Great Danes and studio apartments do not mix. Nor to some breeds and children. Just because you like a particular breed, or want a particular breed, doesn't mean you should own a particular breed.  - - - - After Disney released the live action version of 101 Dalmatians over 122 Dalmatians were put up for adoption in our area alone! People were finding out quickly that Dalmatians don't really have patience for children. Just because your kid wants a particular dog doesn't mean you should own it. Eight year olds should not be making the decision on what type of dog you should own.

All puppies are cute!
Just because 2 of your neighbors have the same type of dog doesn't qualify them as breeders.

America's top breeders are not in malls.
You need to check out a breeder as much as you would a breed. A quality breeder will breed one or two types of dogs max and will have a limited amount of puppies at any one time. Never trust anyone with lots of puppies and lots of breeds.

Pure bred dogs have pure bred problems.
Each dog, no matter what the breed, has problems unique unto themselves. Know what you are getting yourself into.

Rescue Dogs
Every breed has a rescue organization. They are dedicated groups of people who save unwanted or abused dogs of a particular breed. Use your favorite search engine and add the word "Rescue" to the type of breed you are looking for. Most groups can be found on the net. Or try here . . . Rescue
or Petfinder

Mixed breed dogs need love to!
Some of the greatest dogs on this planet are A.A.M. (All American Mutt) Contact a Shelter in your area and save 4 legs worth of love.
AWA is the group I work with on the Dog Walk.

A great place to start
The answers begin here. The AKC. Dedicated to purebred dogs and dog ownership.

We don't know who he is but we want to thank him
Kyler Laird went through a lot of work, for a lot of animals. Kyler Laird's Animal Resources:

New Additions
A listener recently sent me this link and I think it's terrific. Petfinder will not only help you find dogs, but every other pet type animals as well. Even barnyard pets! (Not the best for those of you living in an apartment) From what I was told, they were so thorough they actually checked her out before they would let her adopt a dog.

New Jersey Consumers Against Pet Shop Abuse
(NJCAPSA) is an all-volunteer consumer and domestic pet advocacy group formed by various longtime animal advocates in New Jersey. NJCAPSA assists consumers in understanding their rights when they purchase animals who have health or behavioral problems from pet shops or other entities.

NJCAPSA also protects pets offered for sale by ensuring they receive at least the minimum level of humane care required by state law. NJCAPSA provides consumers with the information and tools necessary to report consumer pet shop fraud to the appropriate authorities.

University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

"Someday I hope to become the type
of person
my dogs think I am."