The DeBella Dog Walk 2012
CYNDI LAUPER was the Grand Marshall for the Pegasus Parade at the Kentucky Derby last week. And she accidentally dropped an F-bomb on live TV . . . while she was talking to a huge crowd of kids.
10 Most Shocking Celebrity Massage Scandals
A San Diego Padres fan caught a foul ball in his beer, then CHUGGED it.
The Worst Moms of 2012
Five Tractor-Trailers Have Been Hit by Trains at an Intersection in North Carolina . . . Here's Footage of the Latest One

The Gary Busey Outtake Reel From Piranha 3DD
14 Photos That Shatter Your Image Of Famous People
Jon Hamm Answers Questions From Teenage Girls
The 25 Greatest "That's What She Said" Moments In Advertising
The next sound you hear won't be coming from the announcers booth.

Better than the rain delay movie
The Humans of New York Project is an effort to create a photographic census of the city of New York, with an eye toward creating artistic portraits of strangers on the street.
Window Surprise
Tanning Mom, The Website
A 53-Year-Old Fought in an MMA Match with One Hour's Notice . . . and Knocked Out His 21-Year-Old Opponent in the First Round

Dumbest Celebrity Tweets
RHETT AND LINK are the two comedians who go around making intentionally lame ads for local businesses. And their latest one for a roller skating rink in Reno is pretty weird.
The 50 Douchiest Senior Portraits Of All Time
An Old Woman on a Mobility Scooter Drove Through Target . . . with a Little Kid Hanging Onto the Back
A Gallery Of Girls With Special Talents.

Meeting Daddy For The First Time
Dogs photo bombing...that is all.
Drunk vs. Hill...Who Ya Got?
A Photographic Tribute To Drunk Baseball Fans
Two kids did a commando video for their hip-hop song. Filled with f-bombs and the other usual hip-hop vernacular it's funny watching the workers deal with it.

The 20 Most Awesome  Examples of Redneck Engineering 
The Umpire Strike Back
Girls being jealous of other girls
Brings a whole new meaning to pig headed
25 Inappropriate Science Fair Projects

Some guy thought it would be fun to go around to different businesses and tell them he was quitting... even though he'd never worked there.
...and you thought your photo ID was bad
Steeplechase runner get owned...TWICE!
All the ways they killed Kenny
Did you ever want to watch women's beach volleyball in super slow-mo? Sure you did.

Grannies With Guns 
Wouldn't a rugby field be the LAST place you'd want to run on dressed as a woman?
Horrible People Wearing Even More Horrible Shirts
Runway model vs. giant Cat In The Hat outfit.
Who Ya Got?
The 50 Funniest Wedding Photos of All Time


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