Here's What "Titanic 3D" Would Have Been Like if George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, and Michael Bay Were in Charge
Boobstagram...It's a website which collects nothing but Instagrammed photos of boobs. Enough said.
Engineers at Purdue Set a New World Record for the Most Complex Rube Goldberg Machine
The 25 Funniest Job Resumes Of All Time
Skin-whitening products have been sold in India for a few years now . . . and they're pretty controversial. But a new product called "Clean and Dry Intimate Wash" is just INSANE.

The new thing..."Draping" 
A Gunfight Broke Out in the Middle of a Town in Belgium . . . but It Was Just a Publicity Stunt by TNT
Old People Writing On Restaurant's Facebook Pages
Anderson Cooper Has Another Girly Laughing Fit on Live TV Over the Word "Dyngus"
The 10 Dumbest Things About Body Builders.

And now...a Cat with Two Light Sabers Fights Off a Pit Bull
The Ten Most Classic Baseball Plays
What Would Facebook Have Been Like if It Was Invented in the '90s?
My Little Damon...and people think WE have to much time on our hands?
Holy Traffic Stop Batman...we're being pulled over by the police!!!

The entries to this years Peep Show competition! 
A Soccer Player Picked His Nose, Then Wiped His Hand on a Kid
10 people who need to get away from the mirror!
New Scion commercial features 4 women in bikinis doing donuts in a parking lot . . . while EATING donuts and trying to drink huge glasses of milk. Oh yeah...I'm thinking about cars!
The Funniest Foreign Translations Of American Movie Titles

We found her just before we left on vacation. So in case you're one of the few people who haven't seen her's the 80 MPH girl. Surprise she's blonde!
In honor of April Fools Day...The Fifteen Most Famous Hoaxes Of All Time
Maybe you heard about it, now see it. Near the end of his concert on Wednesday, Bruce walked out into the crowd while he was singing "Raise Your Hand" and drank a beer. He walks into the crowd at 1:46, gets the beer at 2:58, and chugs it at 3:14
The Center of Attention. A website dedicated to the artwork, graphics and logos of record center labels. I'm assuming most of you here remember those things called "records" right?
A Guy Got Arrested for Being Drunk in Public . . . Then Broke Into a Rousing Rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the Back of the Squad Car

25 Ridiculous Roadside Attractions
"The Chris Matthews Show" re-did the "Mad Men" intro so it stars Obama. Although it's not TOO in the tank for the president, since it shows him falling past his rivals, and in front of rising gas prices and the national debt clock.
A Photo Collection Of Television Screen Cap Fails
Drunk vs. Street Sign. Who Ya Got???
Celebrities Who Look Like Abandoned Mattresses

Another Great Moment in Broadcasting
Photographic proof that female celebrities tend to show a lot of cleavage whenever they sign autographs
George Takei doing his Happy Dance.
WARNING...You don't really want to watch this!
10 Human Body Myths you probably believe.
What a surprise, people got upset about an ad that has Jesus selling Red Bull!

When stage diving...know your audience! 
White Guy Dance Moves
Wait about a minute to determine which is more entertaining...holding a condom out of a car window or screaming like a like girl at the results?
The 13 Craziest Things Ever Used As Medicine
(In America)
And Now . . . a Terrified Frenchman in a Bobsled or   Why we had to save their asses in WWII


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